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December 8, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Omaha Webmaster

Can you actually attract business away from your competitors? absolutely positively yes. At this moment you do have the first mover advantage of getting your Omaha Business website optimized for mobile. Mobile is growing  very rapidly but most Omaha business owners and most Internet marketers are not ready they have no idea of what is going on.

Folks spend more time on their mobile devices then on their desktops. In fact most of the younger people of this day are always on the cell phones or should I say smart phones. Smartphones are being used for searching the Internet but the major problem is most websites out there are not mobile optimized. And then again the ones that are mobile optimized are doing it all wrong.

You see just using the optimized theme will not get your websites listed on the top of the Omaha Local mobile search engines and yes they do exist. We know how to get your site listed in the mobile Device spectrum of the search engines and truthfully Google and all the major search engines love mobile because that is where the buyers are. Sound good to you? So where would you like your websites found when there are buyers or not. You Need Conversions and that’s where the conversions are.

Have you heard the myths about mobile marketing? You know the myths like mobile marketing is just for local business, or mobile marketing is not for Internet marketers well that is exactly what the myths are. Don’t get me wrong mobile marketing is very powerful for brick-and-mortar stores. And believe it or not many websites in Omaha are not mobile optimized. So there’s really a first mover advantage here that can take your Omaha business to the next level. Google truly loves mobile and they are already set up for it.

Facebook is already set up for mobile marketing in fact most of the users on Facebook use their mobile devices and not there desktops. When we set up a website for you it’s also going to be mobile ready. And what we know about the mobile market most website publishers and SEOs have no idea.

We are partners with a special group of SEO professionals that have actually broken the code to optimize your site not only for the desktop but also for getting your site listed on the mobile side of the search engines and it’s huge. And Google Loves it and so will your customers.

So if you’re looking for a super powerful Internet presence and mobile Omaha presence contact us and we can help you build a business site that will actually attract business away from your competitors because they do not know what is really going on. And when they jump on the band Wagon you will be untouchable.

My Goal for your website is to kick your competitors in the back seat and I will Bet I can help your do this.

Feel free to contact me on my contact page or give me a call my phone number is 402-431-3556

Pete Balasch Jr

Omaha Local Business your Mobile Marketing Expert