Is your website Mobile Ready Omaha?

April 23, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Omaha Webmaster

Mobile ready sites Omaha NESome webmasters call it Mobilegeddon trying to scare you into thinking its the end of the World for Mobile. Yes you can get listed on Mobile after April 21st 2015. Scare Tactics I have no use for them. We have been telling folks that mobile is the future for quite some time now. Some of these webmasters make it sound like you are going to be penalized. All you need is a webmaster that Knows what they are doing.

We have been setting up websites since 1994. And really nothing has changed that much regardless… ranking for Mobile or desktop search is all about setting up your website the right way. What are your customers looking for? That is what your content should be about filling that need actually quite simple.

Simple down to earth is the real marketing in this day and age. Yellow Pages no longer work. News paper really does not work. The web works and will work for your business.

Let us Know What you are looking to do with your website we can help. We can make your Omaha business website Mobile Friendly.

Pete Balasch Jr.