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December 9, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Omaha Webmaster

Is your Omaha business Site ready for the Google Mobile Search starting 4-21-15 We can Help you.

Mobile SEO is all about improving your mobile SEO for Omaha Ne. SEO stands for search engine optimization.  With Mobile SEO you want your Omaha Business Website to be mobile ready and attract mobile users in Omaha and give your local Omaha the best user experience so we plan your website accordingly it all has to do with the load time, mobile specific keywords, mobile optimization all these are the keys to Mobile Ready Websites & SEO Omaha NEachieving the best mobile SEO for your mobile ready website. Also optimization or SEO for your main Site. The Mobile part of your site will be designed just for local search from the local Omaha community and they are out there in mass numbers.

Omaha Local Business Makes Mobile websites Local folks in Omaha are increasingly relying on their mobile devices to search for information online you are doing your Omaha business a great disservice by not having a mobile ready optimized website. Do keep in mind as a local Omaha business, folks are using their mobile devices more than their desktop computers. We at spider food 911 can help you to get your site listed on the search engines in the mobile market. and get your site listed on the top of the Mobile search and the regular search engines. This will lower your bounce rate with a Lower Bounce rate that means they will sty on your site longer this is important to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If folks find you from the search engines and leave quickly that is a Bounce. If you have a Low bounce rate this will list you higher on the search engines. There are many factors but number one priority for your Omaha business is to get Site Mobile Ready.

I’ve said this before but Google, Bing and Yahoo loves mobile and so do the major web 2.0 sites. We talking Web 2.0 sites like Facebook, Myspace, linkedin and even shopping sites like Amazon are more than ready for the mobile market.

I was doing a search for websites in the Omaha Nebraska area and I’ve been finding that one out of 10 websites are mobile ready. And when you realize that most people are doing searches with their mobile devices what happens is they will go to your site and if it’s not mobile ready they will go to your competitors and you’re going to lose them.The simple fact is that people are increasingly relying on their mobile devices as their primary means of searching for information online. Data recently published by online marketing consultants RKG showed that about one quarter of all organic search visits originate from mobile devices. Moving forward, this percentage is only going to increase.

We have developed a way to optimize your mobile part of your website to get listed really well on mobile devices and searches. Why would you want to be found on mobile devices that’s because that is where your buyers are.

With Google’s recent update that is called Hummingbird the main emphasis that Google is looking for is social, social is in and it is about what people say about your business. Are they conversing about your brand. They will if your site is mobile ready and you have made your site mobile Ready or optimized

I am still looking into boring businesses and how to get user interaction with those types of businesses for instance like roofing. Roofing is a boring business and folks don’t have a lot to say about roof’s boring business brand.

It is much easier to get people to interact with things that they frequent like restaurants or bowling alleys or things to do.

If you are interested in our team looking at your website in seeing what we can do to make it much more powerful and easier to find on the top of the search engines including searches on mobile devices give us a call or contact us on our contact page we are here to help you get your Omaha NE Mobile Site ready.

Omaha Local Business can help you search engine optimize (SEO) your site for mobile devices and desktops. We of been in the SEO business since 1994 Which Is Way before Google even existed. So let us know what you’re looking for and will be glad to give you a quote.

Omaha Local Business is owned by Pete Balasch Jr and Pete is a SEO, mobile SEO, pod Caster webmaster and global business developer.

The local market is new for us but we have done very well in the global marketplace which is much harder than marketplace like Omaha Nebraska. So if you are a Omaha business be glad to discuss your Omaha Nebraska business and help you get your site listed high on the search engines with our SEO.


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With the Mobile Update 4-21-15 happening with Google it is Now even more important to get your site mobile ready

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